Surrogacy, misnamed "surrogate motherhood"

Surrogate pregnancy in Colombia

The process of surrogacy is one of the many options that exist to conceive a child. This alternative is often faster and more effective than adoption because it does not involve such a bureaucratic and time-consuming process. Those who have been frustrated in their desire to become parents may find in this choice an answer to their […]

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Metropolitan School of Panama and its transformative learning experiences

Early childhood learning experiences are fundamental for the integral development of children, which is why the Metropolitan School of Panama (MET) stands out for offering transformative educational experiences beyond the conventional classroom. Its learning is project-based, fostering 21st-century skills in students and standing out for its innovative approach.  Innovative Education At Metropolitan School of Panama, […]

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Metropolitan School of Panama, innovation and functionality in its campus facilities.

An important feature in the development and success of an institution is the design of its educational facilities, as this plays a fundamental role in the positive development of its students. The Metropolitan School of Panama (MET) has an innovative approach to campus design, which fosters a stimulating and creative learning environment for its students. […]

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Former NHL star PK Subban warns against pushing ‘everyone to be an activist’ amid Pride jersey controversy

Amid the recent controversy surrounding various NHL teams and players’ decisions not to participate in their respective Pride Night events, former three-time All-Star defenseman PK Subban spoke out against the “push” to turn everyone into “activists.” Subban, who announced his retirement in 2022 after 13 NHL seasons, told Reuters on Friday that he doesn’t think […]

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What are the changes in the import regime?

In search of measures to stimulate the flow of dollars, the Government recently decreed the expansion of payment controls for imports of services. According to the Resolution 5342/2023 of the AFIP, the purpose is to “strengthen preventive control actions” and the “follow-up and monitoring of foreign trade operations.” The signature of the Secretary of Commerce, […]

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