Trial of the Supreme Court: the political battle to judge the magistrates begins


The Chamber of Deputies begins this Thursday, January 26, with the first day of the impeachment of the four members of the Supreme Court. Although it will be a protocol meeting in which the suspicions against the magistrates will be read, it is expected that a schedule of several months will be defined in which the judges could sit, along with senior officials who will appear in the complaints as Marcelo D’Alessandro and Silvio Robles.

The Frente de Todos has the necessary numbers in the Impeachment Commission, which is chaired by the Entre Ríos Caroline Gaillard. So you will have no problem in the face of the refusal of the 14 deputies of Together for Change and that of Alejandro “Topo” Rodríguez (Federal Interblock).

The Frente de Todos has 16 commission seats. The rest is shared between Together for Change (14) and one of Federal interblock. For this reason, the ruling party cannot afford to have no one absent from the debate.

To avoid this, the ruling party decided to oust the massismo deputy Vanessa Massetani of the commission. In his place will be Ricardo Herrera, from La Rioja, who, in line with what his governor proposes, encourages the movement of Kirchnerism.

In this scenario, the output of the massista from Santa Fe raised doubts about the behavior of the Renovation Front with this topic. Sergio Massa has not yet expressed himself in public on the subject.

However, spokesmen for the ruling party clarified that she has a family member with compromised health and that is why it was decided that the best thing would be to release her and that the place would be occupied by another. “You have to do things well so that she feels comfortable with her situation and we don’t lose a key place.”analyzed a parliamentary source.

Supreme Court
Carlos Rosenkrantz, Ricardo Lorenzetti, Juan Carlos Maqueda and Horacio Rosatti

The trial for bad performance that begins this Thursday in Deputies had as prior the commission of Natural Resourcesthis Wednesday, January 25. Together for Change insist that he was not going to participate in any if the ruling party will affect this action before the highest court. Thus, the “legislative paralysis” that, according to the Frente de Todos, the opposition deadlock wanted to impose, was broken.

Graciela Camaño (Federal Interblock) was the one who gave a quorum to unfreeze political activity this afternoon in Congress. However, this sector is far from cooperating with the Frente de Todos in the Impeachment Committee.

The position of Together for Change on the impeachment of the Court

The yellow interblock will go to the debate only if the Frente de Todos achieves a quorum, just as he did in the Natural Resources commission. Once this parliamentary procedure is completed, they will debate in defense of the four judges of the Supreme Court.

“You have to see the attitude that the ruling party takes, our behavior will depend on that,” said one of the legislative swords of Together for Change. This Wednesday there was a meeting between the deputies of the interblock where they agreed that “The government’s proposal is a legal and political hogwash.”

Mario Negri
Mario Negri, head of the UCR block.

The holder of the UCR blockMario Negri, He said after the meeting: “The request for impeachment is absolutely unsustainable, it has no legal consistency.”

In addition, he added that “what is clear is that this is the launch of the political campaign of the Frente de Todos for the election year. What they are looking for in the first place is that it is not possible how the Government and Massa are doing with inflation, but people realize it with their pockets”.


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